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Following a year living and going in Taiwan, Luke and I realize that little sweet potato formed island entirely well. Taiwan is somewhat of a shrouded jewel in Asia. While hikers rush to Thailand and Vietnam, and audacious voyagers handle China and South Korea, there are not very many Western travellers in Taiwan. Rather, Taiwan sees a decent measure of residential visitors and Chinese travellers in high season, and generally, for the most part, pulls in ex-pats approaching work as ESL educators.

There is by all accounts a significant confusion that Taiwan is similar to China, however, I observed them be actually definitely unique. The Taiwanese are the most kind-hearted individuals I've at any point met and most of the Taiwanese don't think about themselves as a feature of China. The island prides itself on magnificent open transport, actually perfect and current urban areas, and they don't deal or wrangle over merchandise like other Asian nations either.

Why Living in Taiwan Drastically Improved my Lifestyle

Why You Should Travel to Taiwan

Taiwan isn't known as 'Ilha Formosa' (excellent island) in vain. Taiwan has a tough, hilly stomach thus the majority of the towns and urban communities are worked around the island. This makes it near ideal for voyagers who need to complete a full circuit of the island or bring bike trips down one side or the other.

1. Delightful mountains and chasms. Taiwan has inconceivable nature and scenes. Climbing and stream following are extremely prominent side interests in Taiwan and in light of current circumstances. Taroko Gorge National Park is a huge draw for some guests.

2. Enthusiastic, social celebrations. There are celebrations lasting throughout the year in Taiwan. My top choices were Chinese New Year, Lantern Festival and Dragon Boat Festival.

3. Clamouring night markets. Taiwan has an incredible night showcase scene, and about each town has its own night advertise and local claims to fame. Our neighbourhood one was the LuoDong night market and I really thought it was one of the coolest. Scallion flapjacks and stinky tofu are must-eats there.

4. Well disposed of, inviting individuals. Lost in Taiwan? In under 3 minutes of opening up a guide anyplace in Taiwan, there will be somebody directly there offering you help with headings. We once even had a lady walk 20 minutes out of her approach to enable us to get to where we were going.

5. Off the beaten track. As a movement goal, Taiwan is substantially more unexpected than other Asian nations. There are fewer visitors and no explorer trails, so you can truly investigate the nation and culture for yourself.

Luke on Teapot Mountain Jiufen Taiwan - Charlie on Travel

Where to Go in Taiwan

In Taiwan you can hang out in huge (yet not very huge) urban communities with high rises, exhibition halls and shopping centres, or get out into nature, investigate calm shaky towns and cycle around tea fields. The most ideal approach to design a trek is to begin in Taipei and settle on one coastline to pursue down.


Taiwan's capital city isn't actually Bangkok or Shanghai, however, it's still exceptionally metropolitan. London has Big Ben, Paris has the Eiffel Tower and Taipei has the world's fourth-tallest high rise, Taipei 101. Other than that, there are heaps of parks, social focuses and adorable bistros. What's extremely extraordinary about Taipei however is its nearness to different spots like Pinglin, Maokong and Wulai, which are incredible for day trips.

Northern Taiwan

Northern Taiwan is… stormy. That doesn't mean there aren't cool things to investigate up here, however, and I really felt that the storminess gave Northern Taiwan a specific sort of puzzling environment.


North of Taipei sits the port city of Keelung, well known for its night market, fortresses and sanctuaries. It's additionally extremely near Yehliu topographical park where the stones look like moon holes. It's additionally too stormy.


Further along the coast from Keelung, Jiufen is a mountain town portrayed by winding business sector avenues, teahouses and extraordinary climbing. It gets very occupied on the ends of the week with couples from Taipei having an end of the week away.

East Coast Taiwan

Taiwan's East coast is substantially less created than the Northern towns and the urban areas along the West coast. There are bunches of communities and a few shoreline towns, and nature is plenteous here.


One of the better yellow sand shorelines in Northern Taiwan, it's a decent spot for a shoreline day and furthermore has a sand workmanship celebration.


Further down from Fulong, Wulai is a truly cool dark sand shoreline. There are a few surfers around the territory however it's not actually an extraordinary surfing spot (contrasted with different places in Taiwan it most likely is, however).


Jiaoshi is a hot spring town which is ideal for those cool, cloudy winter days. It was just two or three trains prevents up from where we lived, so we went there a considerable amount on blustery ends of the week. You can get a private indoor hot spring space for around NT 300.

Taroko Gorge

Taiwan's most well known national park has a 19km long marble gulch that is amazing. There are trails appropriate for various wellness levels all around the recreation centre and you can set up a portable shelter or rest at one of the lodgings inside the recreation centre.

West Coast and Southern Taiwan

Taiwan's West coast is progressively modern yet that likewise implies that there are greater urban communities, increasingly metropolitan exercises and to a greater extent a buzz. There's a significant high thickness of ex-pats living in the urban communities along Taiwan's West coast so meeting other English-speakers is simpler here.


This mechanical city on the West Coast is home for a lot of ex-pats however isn't the prettiest spot to visit. We went multiple times since we had companions educating over yonder, however likely wouldn't prescribe it for explorers by and large. It's an extraordinary city for universal cooking and considering Chinese.


We just visited Taichung quickly to see the exceptionally cool Rainbow Village, an ex-military wards town which has been affectionately painted up by a nearby craftsman.


Taiwan's second-biggest city is a cool spot for sanctuary jumping, visit the British office and go out for late-night almond milk. Most explorers stop by on the way to Kenting. We had an amazing background Couchsurfing with a family in the city.


At the southern-most tip of Taiwan is Kenting, a famous shoreline goal in view of the delicate white sands and on the grounds that the zone is said to have the best climate in all of Taiwan. There's a significant gathering vibe down here in the mid-year and it's the place the majority of Taiwan's shoreline parties – which there aren't that a considerable lot of – occur.

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