Instructions to Get a Couchsurfing Host (and What Not To Do)


Couchsurfing is a super path for spending voyagers to locate a free spot to remain – at the same time, the main thing to manage at the top of the priority list before your beginning joining and crushing out solicitations is that you will be an increasingly effective Couchsurfer on the off chance that you are a magnificent visitor.

How might I be a great couchsurfer?

In the event that you can answer that, at that point you've split the mystery of how to get a Couchsurfing host.

Couchsurfing is tied in with gathering new individuals while venturing to the far corners of the planet, or meeting individuals from around the globe without going at all on the off chance that you are a host. Connecting with local people doesn't just mean a free bed for the evening, yet additionally an insider's point of view on another spot and some organization out and about.

Day trip with our Couchsurfing host family in Poland

Multi-day out with our Couchsurfing host family in Poland. Much obliged to you, Malgorzata and family :)

Most have are incredibly liberal individuals and a ton of them have in light of the fact that they need to assist individual voyagers, have some organization on the end of the week, and are energetic about the place where they grew up. It's additionally normal to have as a method for 'furnishing a proportional payback' to the network on the off chance that they are likewise a customary surfer when they're out and about.

So, not simply anybody will consent to have you. You're as yet an outsider, so right off the bat, you have to present yourself well…

The most effective method to Get a Couchsurfing Host

These are the initial three essential strides to try and be in with a shot of finding a host:

Complete Your Profile

Not filling in the profile page appropriately is a typical misstep. In the event that you have a clear profile, nobody will almost certainly found out about your identity. When you apply for work, you don't convey a CV with a bundle of clear segments – it's the equivalent with Couchsurfing.

Individuals will need to know your identity and what you're keen on. They are searching for motivations to have you, so ensure you've kept in touch with them down on your profile! Ensure you additionally transfer in any event 3 photographs. Individuals are visual, so attempt to utilize photographs of yourself where you're having a good time and seeking after your interests.

Our Couchsurfing Profile

Here's our current Couchsurfing Profile.

Pick People Who You Want To Stay With

So you input the name of the city you're going to and goodness! there are 380 outcomes, so you convey a bundle of messages to the initial 10 or so individuals and trust in the best. Nope, this isn't your main thing.

Consider who you might want to remain with most and you'll presumably find that you are additionally the sort of individual they like to have. In case you're huge into clubbing and late evenings, don't send solicitations to families. On the off chance that you adore doing yoga before anything else, why not search for another person who additionally cherishes doing that?

We more often than not seek "vegan" on the grounds that remaining with different veggies makes life significantly less complex and means we can offer to cook for them as well. Not generally, yet regularly we additionally find that individuals who are veggie lover normally share more practically speaking with us than just not eating meat. The equivalent goes for games fans, pet-proprietors, nursery workers and some other intrigue you may have!

vegan pierogi

Heavenly handcrafted vegan pierogi on account of Martin and Goska, our hosts in Poland.

Customize Your Requests

Am going in [place], searching for a spot to remain on [this day], you look truly cool, the trust we can meet one another. Much appreciated!

A lot of individuals convey demands this way, even we accomplished for the initial not many when we weren't generally certain what to state. Here and there it works, yet more often than not, it doesn't. Nonexclusive solicitations aren't generally amazing; not exclusively completes a host have no clue what you need to do or find in the place where they grew up, they additionally have no clue your identity, or why it is you believe they're cool.

Be own. Peruse their profile and choose normal interests. On the off chance that they like investing energy in bistros, state that you'd love to go for espresso together. In the event that they adore surfing, state you're likewise enamoured with hitting the shoreline. A day or two ago, I read a profile where the person said he swears he saw a UFO. At first, I thought, nope, remaining with this person isn't for me, yet in the wake of perusing the remainder of his profile, we shared a lot of else practically speaking for me not to send him a message. What did I say? I said "You saw a UFO!? This is a story I need to hear!"

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