Does Sexsurfing imply that Couchsurfing isn't Safe for Solo Female Travelers?


Agness from ramping shares her awkward story of sex surfing, the sleazy underbelly to Couchsurfing.

Couchsurfing in Brussels

I'm incredibly brave and am enthused about gathering various individuals from around the globe. I'm likewise a spending explorer, so Couchsurfing appeared to be a standout amongst the best convenience choices when hiking Europe in winter 2012.

Lamentably, my Couchsurfing knowledge was progressively similar to sex surfing. Subsequent to being facilitated by male hosts who offered me sex for the accommodation, I don't know whether it is the best and most secure choice for solo female explorers. Long story short, I picked my 8 has (5 male hosts and 3 female hosts) in Amsterdam, Brussels, Berlin, Oslo and Prague. I was approached to engage in sexual relations twice, and two of my hosts conceded they just acknowledged the solicitations since they were planning to lay down with me. I felt humiliated and extremely awkward. Who wouldn't? There were a couple of extremely cumbersome circumstances that I would prefer not to review…

When I was back home, I composed a blog entry outlining up my terrible experience – Couchsurfing or Sexsurfing? What's the distinction these days? Inside a couple of days, there were in excess of 150 distinct reactions in which our perusers imparted their insights and encounters on this issue. Shockingly, numerous remarks recommended that having intercourse with your host was truly typical.

Then again, I met stunning individuals in Bruges, Amsterdam, Brussels and Prague because of Couchsurfing. We had an awesome time together and still stay in contact. This mid-year I'm going to visit one of the young ladies who facilitated me in Prague. We're getting together in… Paris! I've taken in my exercise, anyway, this terrible experience won't prevent me from Couchsurfing. I'm back in Europe in July, and I'll be bridging Portugal, Greece and Germany. I've effectively enacted my Couchsurfing record and I want to locate some wonderful hosts… female has this time.

What's so clever?

Margherita from The Crowded Planet wasn't in on the joke when she Couchsurfed in Turkey.


At 40 Couchsurfing encounters and checking, we see ourselves as fortunate having never had a truly negative encounter. In any case, with regards to bizarre encounters, we've had many. In 2011, we headed out from Italy to Georgia via train, Couchsurfing more than halfway.

One of the spots we visited was Kars, a Turkish town close to the Armenian fringe. Our Couchsurfing host was a young fellow called Yildiz, a media communications engineer. We nicknamed him 'quiet kid,' since he was in every case exceptionally tranquil and didn't appear to get a kick out of the chance to take part in discussions. Having said that, he was a flawless individual; he made us breakfast every morning and went for us out for strolls around the city, and gave us bunches of tips on the best way to achieve Ani, an archaeological site a couple of kilometres away. Inconvenience is, the greater part of our discussions were monosyllables. He had great English; I think maybe he really didn't prefer to talk, however, enjoyed the organization.

One night, he took us to a companion's home for supper. Yildiz and his companion are both Kurdish, and the night with the Kurdish family was… erm, fascinating. We ate heavenly nourishment, yet the mother of the family chuckled her heart out each time I attempted to talk. When I asked Yildiz for what good reason was she chuckling, he wouldn't interpret, saying I would have irritated. I never discovered why she thought I was so clever!

Is finding a decent host inconceivable in Paris?

Jacqui, who I met while showing English in Taiwan, has surged more than multiple times in 13 distinct nations however says her first Couchsurfing is as yet her best.

Jacques best Cs experience

The First and the Best: While living in Turkey, we chose to have a go at facilitating, taking note of that the primary experience would decide if we would proceed or not. Obviously, when the siblings from Switzerland arrived, they had no clue how much weight was on them. Fortunately, we had a fabulous end of the week with these two!

To begin things off, we packed an excessive number of individuals into a Fiat and went to the coast to have the best supper I had in the year I spent in Turkey, brimming with Raki, crisp fish, products of the soil. The following night, amid the Super Lig finals, the young men tried to learn Turkish serenades at our preferred watering opening.

Before its finish, nearly everybody in the bar had gotten them around, and they were so tanked they most likely don't realize who won. When they needed to leave, they left an engaging note in dry-eradicate on our ice chest and talented me with a Swiss armed force blade direct from the source!

My two most exceedingly terrible encounters in Paris: The primary host gave us confounding bearings, and when we arrived later than anticipated, we found that he was a lot more established than expressed and mentioning kneads for our "lateness." We can't, yet all appeared to be fine.

Around midnight, while my companion was showering, he blew a gasket saying she needed to complete quickly, and that we couldn't remain there once more, we needed to leave at 7 when he left for work. In broken Spanish, I masterminded a very late spot with an Argentine, yet he worked at 6, so we needed to leave before. The entryway was bolted from within, so we needed to gracelessly awaken our troubled host to leave.

Jacques most noticeably terrible Cs experience

The following host was decent, just not the spot. It was a little room half loaded with waste with no ventilation, the pneumatic bed was emptying, so we went through the night laying on one another, and we later discovered (in the wake of strolling throughout the day in 40°+ climate) that there was no shower. We utilized a basin and a wellspring amidst the corridor to wash "the significant parts" as our host taught and dumped the water out the window in light of the fact that the channel didn't work. It was fascinating.

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